Behind the Village

Behind the Village

August 18, 2018

Behind the Village with the Founder, Coffey 

Hailing from Thailand and now living in Los Angeles, Coffey is the designer behind Coconut Village, a line of accessories that mixes brilliant textiles from Southeast Asia with a laid-back California vibe. Crafted from vintage Hmong fabric and beads, each Coconut Village bag is a labor of love for Lisa and her family. We recently caught up with Lisa and asked her to chat about working with her family and giving back to the community in Laos.


Describe Coconut Village.
Coconut Village creates unique designs with a boho-chic twist by using beautiful vintage woven textiles and beads from the Hmong Hill Tribes of Laos.


How and when did you start your brand?
A couple of years ago, needing a little break from the busy streets of Los Angeles I decided to take a trip to visit my family in Laos. While there, I found an old box of photos of my mom rocking 70?s, hippie, bellbottoms and colorful dresses. I was completely inspired and Coconut Village was created.


Speak about your previous work experience and how it helped you to create your brand?
I moved to Los Angeles when I was 19 years old to pursue a career in television. Throughout the years, I?ve appeared in numerous commercials and print campaigns for many brands while always dreaming of having my own line one day. This has helped prepare me for being in front of the camera to now behind the scenes.


What are some of your endless inspirations?
I'm inspired by the traditional fashion of the women of Thailand and Laos. Their embroidered costumes and dresses are so beautiful. 


How does travel inspire your collection?
From the minute I step off the plane, I?m inspired by everything I see! From the exotic surrounding, food, fashion and culture I try to take it all in and be present in the moment. I always reflect back to my experiences when creating new pieces in my collection.


You work with artisans, speak about the process. 
The best part about creating Coconut Village is having the opportunity to work hand in hand with all my family in Laos, which has brought us even closer. Everyone plays a huge role in my line from my mom, aunts, and cousins who help me hand bead and sew every one of a kind piece. Coconut Village would be just an idea without all of them, they have allowed me to live my dream.


Your collection continues to grow, what creative endeavors are on the horizon?
As Coconut Village grows, I see the line expanding into accessories and home decor using vintage vibrant embroidered textiles.


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